The Coalition for Social Equity

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The Coalition for Social Equity originated in 1992 out of a need to address numerous racial, sexual and religious incidents at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, in the Town of Bloomsburg, and the surrounding communities. At that time it was called the University-Community Task Force on Racial Equity. The Task Force was created by Bloomsburg University and the Town of Bloomsburg. It included BU students, staff, faculty, business owners, activists, teachers, town residents, etc.

Today, the Coalition for Social Equity has grown to include the group Common Threads and the Equality Non-Discrimination Campaign. Subsequently, we have cast a wider net to accommodate various underrepresented and misunderstood groups of people in our community.

The Coalition is under the leadership of an Executive Board and Steering Committee that meets monthly to set goals and organize events in support of our mission and vision:

Mission Statement:
To celebrate, empower and advocate equality and equity for all persons.

Vision Statement:
To promote a community that embraces respect, fairness, and support for the human dignity of all persons.

The Coalition for Social Equity has established Working Groups for specific areas of interest. The Working Groups are:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Race and Poverty
  • Sexism and LGBTQA
  • Religion and Ethnicity
  • External Education
  • Ageism, Ability, Mental Health, and Health Disparities

For more information on Working Group meeting times, visit the Events Page or contact: